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I noticed that too when I first began using Magic Line Pans.  None of the sprays I had used on my cheaper pans worked.  But if you use the Wilton Cake Release, it works great!  And yes, the parchment paper is awesome! 
I've never put an orange with my fondant, so I'm not sure if it added to the softening of the fondant, but I have closed my hardened fondant before in boxes, plastic wrap, and tupperware, and it always goes soft and moist. Adding the bows right before is a great idea. Good luck with all those cupcakes!
Hi there.  So sorry this happened.  But yes, you're correct.  If the fondant can't breath it gets really soft and moist.  At least they'll still be yummy. =)    Good luck!
If you buy food safe grade stainless steel wire (The same metal used for your mixing bowl) you CAN stick it into the cake!  But it has to be the correct grade.   Grade 304 wire can be purchased on amazon dot com in multiple thicknesses.  It's used mainly for fishing wire.  Makes sense....
    Okay, I should have read this better.  Sorry for asking a questions that had been answered.  =)
The flower nails I have always seem to rust.  What brands do you all have?
From different photos I've seen, I'm 99% positive it was sprayed on with some sort of lustre dust.
My family always eats my fondant with tylose and they like it. =)
yes, I add tylose powder to my fondant and it tastes WAY better than regular gumpaste. It will lighten your fondant color, if it's colored already.  And the longer the tylose is in the fondant, the more it reacts with it. So mix a bit first really well and let it sit an hour airtight to see if it's the consistency you want.
So I keep laughing and my husband asks me what's so funny.  I tell him some of the things one here....especially the sweat "MOISTNESS" ... oh, I mean SWEET "MOISTNESS" of some of the topics.  LoL   His Response.... a quote from the Muppets. "You are all weirdos!"    LoL   What not to say...   First: What is frustrating to me is when I come across people who are determined that fondant is nasty and won't even try mine.  So if I try one type of bread and...
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