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I saw your buck cake, it's awesome! Great Job!
It's a bit busy but overall not bad at all.
I agree with pupcakes123, most of your clients won't know the difference. Great job!
For the quilted look you can use a triangle ruler or a regular ruler in the slanted position. Or you can use a diamond cutter all around the cake.
@cakeyouverymuch, you're right on the math.
Wow, that's a $1.33 a serving. Seems unreasonable to me.
My limit is two a week but lately I've been doing three. So with that said, Sabrina you are a super woman. Good for you!!!!
Hello everyone, I'm a home baker as well and I'm in the process of building a rental commercial kitchen in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I'm monitoring this issue very closely as it will cause a lost of my investment if passed.
I would think that ganache would be sticky enough for the fondat to ahere to it.
I have no trouble with applying it to a room temperature cake. But I will try it on a cold cake to compare the difference.
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