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I have a customer that wants me to include a bat image on the inside of a cake. I have no clue. Any advice or websites I can check out on how to do this?   Thanks,   Patricia
I agree try to weave foil around the pan to try and get it level. It is a very cute pan, the directions on the box or in it don't give any hints to how to use it?Patricia
WOW kakeladi, you go girl, I gbet you were a math wizard in school. I just have a set price per slice and I made my daughter do the math. And I agree....1.32 for eggs? Dang girl... ship me some at that price.Patricia
I was thinking royal but for some reason, I thought maybe there was something new I had missed.Thanks for the info.Patricia
OOOOPPPPPSSSSSS, it did post on this one. WOW!! The site was moving so slow, I didn't think it picked it up. Sorry,Patricia
Is there a recipe for the hard icing that I see alot of people using on cookies?Patricia
How can I find or make the "hard icing" that I see on cookies on cc? I have looked everywhere I know to look, but am unsuccessful. I want to cover some cross cookies for my son for easter.Thanks for the help!!!Patricia
Last night I was trying to DL pics and I kept getting an error message. Any thoughts? Patricia
Well, I found a medal but it won't transfer over to this page. Atleast I tried. Patricia
WOW!1 Thanks for the heads up, Just in time for our Spring Fling at Church.Patricia
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