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They are both packed with advertising. Many of their best recipes are posted on the website.However, if i had to choose one, I think I prefer Bon Apetit
because of all the add-ins (carrots, raisins nuts, etc) this is not a good stable choice for carving. I think it is a big risk.
Don't roll them thin. A thicker cookie is more sturdy. Also, don't forget to put the hole in the DOUGH. a baked cookie will likely break.If you want to make them remain edible, wrap them to keep them clean and relatively fresh.Gingerbread works great, because it is strong and doesn't stale very fast.
The extra liquid from the strawberries would help prevent crusting. Refrigeration will make it hard, but if it was well covered, only the surface should be 'crusted'. You can rescue the remainder with some additonal liquid, milk or water. Let it warm to room temp, first.
Piping gel should work great
You can buy it from several on line stores, or make it yourself. It is a bit like tootsie rolls, even the white, in texture.there are recipes in the recipe section, it might be called candy clay.It does make the cake heavier.
The water will eventually evaporate, it may just take longer.
Welcome to Cake Central. There is a library worth of information in the threads already posted. You can use the search button above to find links to most everything.Search, limit to 'all terms'limit to topic titles onlythe fewer words in your search, the better results.There are several posts about 'carving cake' or 'cake for carving' or 'recipe for sculpting'Rolled fondant can be used to make decorations, or used to cover the cake. It depends on your design,...
Here is one. It is listed as 'difficult' only because of the decorations. the recipe is easy.
Stirring too much can add bubbles, and thicken the ganache, reducing the shine.Give yourself more time, so the ganache can cool enough at room temp.You can also try using a little warm air (hairdryer) to up the shine.
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