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When I can't find cookie cutters I need in time I make my own. I search Bing for pictures of the cookie cutter, copy and paste into Word. Then by trial and error size it and print. Then with a marker trace onto quilter's plastic template and cut out. I cut the cookie dough with a sharp knife.m may be a little slower, but not much:-)
Another trick for either height is to put "collars" on the pans. This is simply a 3 - 4 in. strip of parchment paper around the inside perimeter of pan. This prevents any accidental overflow or a hard rim around the top of cake.
me too! me too! Flourpots I would love to have your tips.
Sarah, BC icing would be great - you could do different colors? Also, you could make a flat top on the cupcake (level with the paper cup), place fondant on top (different colors) and then place your BC roses? There are some great BC recipes on here and MMF is wonderful!
Also 50/50 Vodka and corn syrup will make it shiny. Use a good quality artist brush to brush on. Makes very shiny
Welcome MaggieHav!! I've only been here a short month or 2 and let me tell you it is truly addictive! I've learned more and gotten more ideas on here and the people are so wonderful! helpful, willing to share tips and secrets, recipes, how tos.HAVE FUN!
Indydebi, no I haven't been reflipping. I'll do that and the coffemug trick. Thank you!
I'm right there with you gals! 53 yr. and I've got too many hobbies (cake decorating, sewing, quilting, horses) to have time to hold down a job! like DakotaDesigns, I'm at work now too. Haven't gotten to the point of being a professional. all my cakes to this point have been family, but I'm proud to say I have my first commissioned cake this week - a baby shower! Baked last night, make frosting tonight, begin decorating tomorrow night and deliver Friday night - for a...
Tasteebakes - - here - - I'm giving you a BIG CYBER HUG from Texas. I can not even imagine some of the practices you mentioned, plus having to deal with the gossip and backstabing! More power to you. Is it possible to order more tips, colors, etc.? Showing the owner how you could "raise the bar"? I sure hope he is open to new ideas, sounds like it needs a whole new renovation. Just remember you always have us here cheering you on and we are here for you to vent...
THANK YOU EVERYONE! It worked. I did the aluminum foil and poured some on each side back and forth. It worked beautifully! It was so easy. I've never really even thought about it. I thought I had to make 2 separate cakes and then put together, but this was actually easy. Couldn't have done it without you guys! YOU ROCK! One last question please? I don't remember this happening when I used "just cake mix" - but since I'm now using the WASC recipe (and may I add...
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