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I just tried the greasefree liners from charming creations, i got the ones that were slightly taller than regualr and used my vanilla cake recipe and they all still pulled away, now im completely frustrated. I have been following all the tips, I let the batter sit a few minutes in the liners before I baked, didnt leave them in the oven too long, I took them out of the pan right away and let them completely cool and after a couple hours they went in the cake boxes. It...
I just placed an order, I hope ethe shipping is fast. I really needed them before the weekend. This is such a last minute order.
Ok, they are out of stock of the "standard" (2x 1/1/4). have you used the 2x 1/38"? that size seems like it is closer to the regular size, they are kind of hard to find, this site has the best prices, thank you. cant get onto the other site.
Thank you so much. It will be such a relief to have nice cupcakes with the papers still on! Im going for it! Cupcations your cupcakes look perfect,(I love your blog) That cupcake bouquet is amazing, never tried one.
Thanks so much I jsut may try that brand, I wish I had time to experiment. I have also tried leaving the cupcakes in the pans and still had the same problem. Unfortunately that didnt work for me.
Like many others I have had the dreaded problem of my cupcake paeprs falling off the cupcake. I have been searching some websites wanting to try some new liners, "greasefree", maybe. But now I just got a huge order for 500 cupcakes and dont have time to play with new liners. I need a paper that will NOT fail me. Can anyone give me a site or name of papers you have used that never fail! I am a scratch baker and I know this makes a difference, I also do take my cupcakes...
This is also a huge problem for me. I have tried all different kinds of papers using my usual vanilla and chocolate recipes and they all pull away especially the vanilla. I also tried the cupcake creations (paying three times as much) and they were the worst, it was horrible mess.I have not tried ordering online if anyone has any tried and true jpaper they use please let me know the brnad. I have a huge order coming up and need a sure bet.
I do agree about people that are being reached,many of the people interested in weddings or shower cakes dont expect to pay what i charge. I have definately been wanting to focus on weddings and larger parties. I have been making a list of venues and searching party planners, I am just not sure of how to approach them. The business end of this unfortunatley is not my strong point. I would also love to do a bridal expo but way too expensive, even if I got orders the...
I advertise in our local smart shopper it goes out to over 28,000 homes. It's $30.00 a week to place a business size ad ( i'm related to an employee so I get a discount). I only place the ad about every 3 weeks, because it just gets too expensive. I do get a good responds but not always the orders. I try to keep my prices low but people around here just dont always want to spend the money on a custom cake.
I do appreciate having a home based business and not having to rent space and it does make it more personal. But for me and the area I live in I just can't make enough. Advertising on a weekly basis is too expensive, it just makes it hard.
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