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Thank you very much for your help, JanH!!! I finally made the picture the customer gave me. The helicopter was in the Antartide, ice everywere..
It must be a round cake with a Helicopter in the middle but don´t know what else put to decorate it around... Any idea to help me? thanks a lot!!!
Thank you FlourPots :*:*
Thank you all again for your answers!!! I´ve made it by mixing rests of coloured fondant and black colorant (I´ve used almost 5 gr) The taste wasn´t so good but neither so horrible... I`m very happy with the result... you can see the photos! I´ve just uploaded
Hi!!! Thank you so much to all of you for your answers and tips! I can´t buy premade black fondant because i live in Argentina and doesn´t exist here. I think i´ll make it mixing first all the leftover fondant if not I´ll try with the true black mmf but i´ll have problem with some of the ingredients... too. What is Karo syrup and Crisco? Thank you soooo much again!!
I need to cover a cake completely with black fondant but always is the same, I only can get a grey colour but NEVER intense black.. I´ve seen lots of cakes that are black and I don´t know how to obtain that colour. Please!! I need some help! I have to do that cake for this saturday! Thanxs a lot!!!
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