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Arkattica you are not rude at all. Everyone including myself is feeling the same way. It's interesting how Heath has the time to post a thread about some market project test that he want us to take. Yet not a single post about the status of the magazine. And why the weekly emails from Jackie with the same recycled cake tutorials but no emails about the magazine?.
How about placing the mat with fondant in the freezer/refrigerator for a few minutes before peeling? But before that I would like AZCouture said, rub mat with cornstarch or shortening.
This is an excellent recipe. It was posted here not so long ago. I made it twice and substituted almond extract for the vanilla or try 1 teaspoon of each-equally delicious. Family devoured it!, Soft;-D Moist;-D Spongy;-D
If your supermarket has a bakery you can ask. I needed an image once on a cake but I did not have an edible printer ( still don't). The cake Gods led me to inquire at my supermarket. The baker there was super nice. She told me to just bring in the image and she would scan/print it on the edible paper. A bit pricey though- $8.00 for images on an 8.5 x 11 inches page. Good luck:)
When buying a stand mixer is more exciting than buying a new car. When after working a 12 hour night shift on an Oncology unit., and a 2 hour commute home- all you want to do is whip up a cake to feel happy and alive. When for some bizarre reason you get mad at dear hubby for buying Little Debbie cakes. When you watch Craftsy and YouTube cake tutorials for a good night"s sleep. When you feel a void in your day because you did not bake something.
Hi Susie, I don't own a business nor do I have a website. My feedback is as a consumer. Hope this helps. Your website is very informative and highly organized. You just need photos of your cakes and desserts. Humans are very visual beings. Nice clutter free shots of your creations will take your website and business to the next level. Good luck with your business, you will do well. You are already paying it forward with Icing Smiles:-)
These companies; Disney, Coach, LV, etc. should be flattered that there products are being advertised. They should pay cake decorators for promoting there films, pocketbooks, shoes...! Incredible, billion dollar company going after the little guy/gal working hard to be able to purchase their products or to be able to take their children to the movies. This can really be a win win situation for both parties. Don't you think?
Did you download the Cake Central magazine app?
Paid by Paypal. Finally got a response fom customer support with the download of last month's issue (October issue) which I already had. My last email was directly to Jackie. I am not sure if that was the email that helped with a response. Any luck with you? I hope so. Will you be reading the magazine on an IPad?
Any luck with your subscription order? No response on my end still. Very weird the moderators have not even posted anything on any of the forums lately.. How can we even contact Jackie or Heath or anybody that cares about loyal customers?
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