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As much as I hate to say it I think this is pretty common practice for some people. They have no cake portfolio and use other's cakes on their websites. The bad thing is when some1 orders one they won't be getting near the quality the expect. There is a lady in my town with a website and she has mayb 3 cakes that are hers and all the others are pro cakes....u can tell by the picture quality and style of decorating which are hers. Its sad but I think it happens alot.
I was wondering how good they were. I might try to swing by and get some. For $36 a dozen they better not make me fat...LOL!!
the new Sprinkles cupcake bakery?And yes I am still working on typing the recipes! LOL![/url][/b]
I use half hi ratio half butter all the time. Does not change the texture at all. The taste is less buttery and most people like that way better. I do add in 1 tbsp vanilla and 1 tsp almond....I wouldn't use crisco in any icing because it does have a greasy mouth feel and an after taste yuck. Hi ratio is the key!
I use to worry about losing customers over prices...not anymore though! I realize we all want to make money, BUT not just a few $ here and there!! I have a shop so I am not working from home but people still want a cake that feeds 100 for $30! My response is "You know I can't do anything for that price but you can visit Sam's or Wal-Mart and they will take good care of you." They either change their tune or not call back...whatever. They know I am the only one in the...
I'm sorry I wasn't clear on everything...the standard recipe is the recipe I always use Many of them are ones I have created after years of messing with them.I used all betty crocker mixes this time. To the lemon mix I added eggs, oil water, white chocolate pudding, sour cream, vanilla and a little lemon extract. It was yummy!!My BC is 2 parts butter 1 part hi ratio in cool times, and when the Texas heat is on its half and half. OhMyGoodies...I bought some cream cheese...
Hi Everyone!Since everyone was interested in my first taste test results, I decided to post the results to my 2nd taste test. This one had 25 people with each 1 bringing 1 guest for a total of 50, and was a lot of fun!! AND even though I did not charge my customers I made almost $300 in tips!! The first one I got nothing!! One of my best customers made a big deal about the tasting and handed me a $10 which I reluctantly took and then everyone was digging in their...
I tried it with Betty Crocker and then With Duncan Hines. It mite be you are used to eating mixes so u don't taste it but since I bake from scratch they can taste the mixes. They picked which cakes were mixes everytime.
Does the coffee creamer get rid of the cake mix know the chemically kinda after taste? This is what I find my customers really don't like about doctored recipes....When I tried the WASC at my taste test hardly any1 liked it and the main complaint was the cake mix taste.
My very favorite cake of all time is now Butter Pecan Iced and Filled with White Chocolate Buttercream...YUM!
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