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This is my first time using silicone baking cups, only because I realized last minute that I am out of paper ones. Do you wait until the cupcakes cool before removing them from the silicone liners?Thanks!
So I'm definitely considering dumping the Wilton cake leveler. How do you make sure you cut your layers evenly when using the knife?
I am making a sheet cake 18 X 12 X 2 today, and would like to have three layers. I am not very good at torting, and don't want to ruin my cake. I have a Wilton leveler. I would love any advice you could give on how I should go about getitng three layers out of a 2 inch cake!Thanks!
I have a Wilton sheet cake pan 12 X 18 X 2. Could I get three layers out of a two inch deep pan? I could do two layers of filling--one ganache and one pastry cream. Could I do two 1/2" layers and one 1" layer?kyhendry--did you let the ganache set up first before adding the pastry cream?
Thank you so much for the idea! I think I'm going to try it. I'm baking my cake in a sheet pan because I'm making a number one cake for my son's first birthday. You think I can cut three layers out of a sheet cake?
I am fairly new at this cake thing...and I am making a banana cake with a vanilla pastry cream filling. I want to add a layer of chocolate ganache under the pastry cream, but I'm afraid it will cause the pastry cream to not set up, or something else very bad and ruin my whole cake.Do you know if this is okay? I really want a chocolate flavor somewhere in the cake. Any other ideas if this won't work? I am using a merengue buttercream to frost since that's what I know...
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