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Hi Everyone, I would love to see pictures or videos or your cake room/space. I an gathering ideas to start working on my tiny space and I would like to see other's spaces. I really appreciate it. If you can't upload the pics here please email it to meThanks in advance!!!
Thank Yoy guys so much!!!! I will post a pic of the cake when I am done!
I need to make the top tier of this cake. What tip should I use? Thanks in advance!
Really? I have a cricut to but I have to lear how to use it. I was hoping to find a similar patchwork cutter or something like that Thank You!
Hi, I wonder if you know what kind of cutter was used to make the black details on the bottom tier of this cake? in advance!
I like to use ivory and add just a bid of cooper but very little though!
Thank You! I gave my cake a first coat after waiting for 20 min and it looks great. Hopefully stays the same for the seccond coat. I really appreciate your answer I will take that into considration
If you add tylose powder to your fondat you can make new ones and used them right away!
Hi Everyone, I am having a problem while airbrushing solid colors on cakes. My forndant starts to show small cracks. I wqs wondering if I am supposed to let the fondant set and if so for how long? before I start airbrushing. I thank you in advance for your help!Yane
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