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Agbay!!!!     (and if you want to buy 2, let me know and I'll send you my shipping address! LOL)
I use a rose nail in any cake over 8" and it works great!  
Ditto!         Please go back; this is horrible.  
Thank you! I grabbed some tonight and will be making it this weekend.Thanks again!
OK, this may sound very silly but....I have a cheesecake recipe I want to try that calls for 4 oz dark chocolate, melted. It gets mixed in with some of the cheesecake batter and then dropped within the cake here and there like spots.Would I get dark chocolate chips and melt them?What kind/form of dark choclate do I get?Thanks for any ideas!
Making it as a cake and freezing it shouldn't be an issue at all.I have to ask, though...Where is the chocolate?
She has gotten enough out of more. If they were all the same before she left then that's what it was. She could and should have checked them herself before she left if she had any doubts. You've given enough!
This is the only one I use...LOVE IT as do those who have had my cakes!
I agree, binder is not always needed. If it is, use only a a Tablespoon per cake mix.I've seen many recipes where it says use a tub. or 1/2 a tub. of frosting...ICK!!! I use a buttercream recipe from here and only use a tiny bit, if any at all. NEVER too sweet.
The cake looks great!!
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