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You bet Amen!!!!
oh my thank you so much carmijok! that is exactly the one i was thinking of ! i am not having a senior moment after all! thank you so so much ! and thank you to whoever created this awesome cake!
Thanks pmarks0 -I did see those photos when i was searching ... are really neat but unfortunately not the one i am thinking about I am sure that it was three tiers high the fish was coming out of the side and there was a fisherman in a boat on top ! maybe i was dreaming lol! thanks again though!thanks also to you Jeep_girl816 for the tips !
I have been asked to make a fish themed birthday cake i remember (or so I thought) that there was one posted here on cake central of a fish bursting out of the side of a three tier cake but i cant seem to locate it ! Now, I maybe having a senior moment again but I thought i would ask if anybody else can remember seeing the cake in hopes of finding it ! thanks in advance everybody!
she says she drew the pattern and also used petal dust and vodka
thanks so much appreciate the help!
I have a client who would like to celebrate wedding, grad and birthday all in one - i thought about doing maybe a 3 tier caddy wampus cake each tier to represent each celebration - other than that i am stumped as to how to pull this off - need to serve at least 50 people!any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Hi There!I live in Cranbrook British Columbia which is approximately 2 hours from Edgewater, i actually order all of my supplies from Golda's kitchen as there are only michaels and bulk barn along with pm hobby in calgary or lethbridge alberta the altitude should not be too much of a problem as you will be at the base of the rockies!
thank you that is a great idea!!!!!
I have recieved a request to make a birthday cake for a couple that have are both turning 65.she loves to garden, and he loves to fish - just not sure how to even combine the two - i also asked for pictures of the couple taken through out the years.cake needs to feed 50 people so not too big - just stumpled though for ideas!any help would be appreciated !
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