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do you know if you change the settings on the printer or on the computer?? I figured it might be that- but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get into those settings!!
I checked the magenta and the tab is off.. any other suggestions??
thanks!!! Awesome cake! I did my cake last night- came out ok-- the only challenge was that the "blanket" is draped over the cake- so its not a flat surface... the edible image adhered but it is a bit pulled as a result... I am keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't pull any more-- but I think it will be ok. Will post a pic soon!thanks for your help- I am looking forward to really using this printer!! ~Janean
I am using your brand! I will take a look and let you know, thanks so much!
my edible image is going on fresh pastel yellow fondant- do you guys think using yellow will be an issue? Its a baby blanket with a team logo in EI and the client requested the blanket be yellow.. also- piping gel to adhere? crisco?? this is my first time!
Ok- so my canon is up and running and last night I printed my first edible image-- can anyone tell me why what should have printed red looks pink and what should have printed yellow looks purple-ish?? All the tanks are in the correct position (I am not THAT dumb!)... any ideas?? Is it a setting issue? I am running the printer with a macbook.???
At the end of the day everyone needs to buy what will work best fir them, and sometimes paying more for good customer service and one stop shopping is worth it. I haven't even purchased anything from edible images but yet the person I spoke to was more than happy to spend time with me and answer my many questions. Cintestcook, not sure why you seem so bothered by edible images but I can say without doubt they had the best customer service I have come across in a long time.
I am so excited to get up and running. Ordered the canon, so hopefully it is good. It was a great price. Now I will stock the shelves with supplies and start learning how to use everything!
thanks so much everyone! Just spoke to Icing Images and although I will buy the printer elsewhere- I plan to buy ALL OF MY SUPPLIES from them- hands down the best customer service ever, and that to me is worth its weight in gold. Can't wait to get up and running-- will be ordering my ink on Monday! I appreciate everyone's help )
I will check it out and make sure I get a brand née one...also have to see if either if these are compatible with Mac. Thanks so much!
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