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The lady probably sent the same email to all the vendors, just changing the email to fit that particular vendor.  Your cake is stunning and I would have been proud to have that at my wedding!
Where on the site can you go to order these products? I bet you will sell a lot of T-shirts.
Oh my......those are pretty bad. Do the decorators know there cake are on this site?
I have used a new green scotch pad to get that texture before. It worked pretty good
How would you keep the cake board from messing the top of the cake if you already iced the top? I would love to try this.
Wilton has come out with a 2 lb box of black fondont. I love it. It's as easy to use as Wilton's white fondont.
When you guys let the cake settle for a few hours or overnight, what do you do to prevent the cake from getting stale? I've always wraped the cake in saran wrap while its setteling, but I am now wondering if I'm doing the right thing because I still get air bubbles. Thanks for any help
Does anyone know what grocery store chains the cakes will be sold? I think I would try one, just curious.
Where do you get real heating nails?
I put mine in master materials by the pound, then I just enter how many pounds I needed.
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