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Thanks for the fast response!!! My god daughters birthday is this weekend and I wanted to make sure her cake is tasty and moist. I will definitely try this out today, thank you so much I appreciate it!
I love CC so much! Thanks for all the info. I'm frosting a cake for Friday today and normally I put the cake in the fridge over night and then cover w fondant the next day. But I'm wondering if that will make it go dry. What would any of you suggest?
My dad made this out of pine I think...He had a bunch laying around from a recent job. He made it so I can unscrew it and play around with the sizes. The largest one is 22" and the smallest is 6". But I usually use 8,10,12,14.
I can second this. I don't use wilton pans anymore because of that reason. I had a cake do that recently ! It was definitely due to being undercooked. It was bizarre actually. The cake was firm and springy to the touch but when I leveled off the dome it was mush. Had to start over again and the second time I added an additional 10 minutes to the baking time and turned out great. HTH
What is the ratio of vodka to dust?
You are so welcome! I am always coming on here if I need help and I find the answer. Just trying to help out :c)!
Hi! I looked for pictures for this and found none so I took some to help out who ever needs this!I used 3 oz cups because they didn't have the 5oz ones. I just had to push the cupcake bottoms in a little but it was very secure.
I use paypal too but I've had quite a few requests for credit cards. I haven't used it yet I just got it 3 days ago. I will let you all know how it goes when I do use it. It is linked directly into my business checking account.
Hi I'm fairly new to the site and I searched for a thread about this and didn't find one. So I was wondering if any of you home bakers accept credit cards? I recently got quick books and they give me a free 2 month trial for the merchant services. Do any of you think this is a good or bad idea? I was thinking I might as well see how it goes and I can cancel before the 2 month period without any fees. They also sent me a nifty card swiper that hooks up to the computer...
Thank you this saved me!
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