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Thank you for sharing!
I very much agree! I hit up Michael's clearance section and I was able to get so many Wilton items for 75% off! Cupcake liners, sprinkles, one of those sprinkle containers with like 5 different sections, a cake pop holder, this cool mini pie press in the shape of a heart. So if you have a Michael's don't forget to check them out as well!
Thank you for this awesome info!!!
I would do panels and spare youself any problems.
I have magical powers ... No actually, I clicked on the picture, then when it opened in a separate window, I increased it to a slight 125% zoom. Then I strained and strained the eye balls until I figured it out.
I tail reads "bundt pan sections"
I agree, the $4 one (unless you get it for $1.65 at the Wilton's tent sale like I just did) works just fine. I have both and the Ultimate one, I noticed likes to "dip" in the center of my cake, I apply equal pressure all around and keep it level but it's flimsy.. so it dips and it causes uneven cakes.. aaah! Too bad those wire ones don't come in larger sizes.You're right Leah_S, maybe a few $ saved up here and there will soon = an Agbay!
I do agree they are "catching up", cakedout, however you also have to see they are catering more towards the "home bakers" and not those on a "professional" level so to speak. It's exciting to see new items, even though I've seen/purchased similar ones from other sites months ago. But I really do like the cosmetics behind the Duff and Wilton products. With Michael's coupons, I can say I have saved money on items that if I were to purchase from the professional bake...
I was CRACKING up a this!! You're too funny!
Wow!!! After receiving an email from Michael's about new bakeware items and checking a few things out online, I decided to hit the nearest Micheal's during my lunch break today... WOW, I'M IN HEAVEN!!! Both Wilton and Duff have up-ed thir game!! It's GREAT. I saw things from aribrush machine, airbrush colors, sugar sheets, new gumpaste flower tools, impression silicone molds, leaf vein impression mat, cutting mats.. OMG, my head was SPINNING!!! I was just so excited to...
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