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AKS that was it!!! Bookmarking it now...Again! LOL Thanks everyone
thanks tiggy i watched those videos earlier today and will try that method for sureptanyer i'm not sure if that is it or not...while i am enjoying that blog very much i can't find any cricut info on there. I think it may have been another site. This is aggrivating thanks yall
I remember there was someone online doing a blog about the original cricut vs. the cricut cake when it first came out. I beieve provocraft had sent the company a cricut cake to try and review....does anyone remember this? I had the site saved on my computer before it broke and now can't seem to be able to find the link. I am having some issues getting my new cricut cake to cut some of the detailed cuts and was going to check out her site to see if I could pick up any...
I gotta tell you, I have the sunbeam stand mixer... it was like $50 from walmart and it works beautifully. I used to use it for all my cake mix's and to make my own marshmallow fondant. However lately it just seems easier to use my hand mixer for my mix's and I do my marshmallow fondant by hand. As for buttercream I buy mine pre-made. If you really need a stand mixer for your buttercream I recommend the Sunbeam Heritage Classic mixer. LIke this one......
i will be shopping around for sure. Thanks! Sooo much to be done and all of it is soo confusing.
thanks to you both...that gives me some Can't even afford my fridge and stove at the moment sure can't pay for a years ins.
I am in the process of getting my second kitchen done to get licensed so i can open my business...(STILL) anywho, I know I will need liability insurance, do you home bakers like myself who are a legal business have to pay your insurance in a lump sum or have any of you had sucess finding a monthly payment policy?
Hubby just ordered it for me online for Valentines day...should be here friday! So excited! Very sweet of him....only I have not found anything to get him yet....YIKES! Just had to share!
sorry it took so long to update...there is a pic of the finished product in my photos
Dayti...thanks I need it to look more life life. (copy of the Lego brand city airport plane)...random I know. LOL I am making progress on it. I will try and post some pictures tomorrow when I get it done. Thanks anyways!
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