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i wouldn't even begin to know how to do that....thank GOD for my handy husband thanks for the input
lol guess that is true
I have a bride who would like her cake to be very different. It will be themed from video games. The bottom tier she has chosen this chocolate cake no biggie. The top tier will be this cube and I got that no problem. The issue at hand is she would like this for the middle tier, and I am not sure the best way to make a cake with a...
lol you and i both check this out
I have been researching also and found this a few weeks ago. I think i read every page. Oh look it's like I am Jan now LOL
I agree, you are simply not available for that date. Just not worth the trouble..especially for 60 servings.
Marian- LOL some of the kids he is inviting....Lord help me. Maybe we will hang it out of reach Sammie-thanks. His birthday isn't until mid March but I will post some pictures here with the final results.
Thanks for the response, I think I understand exactly what you mean, if not my husband will. Who are we kidding, lol he will surly be the one doing the building part of the cake, i'm only good for the baking and decorating LOL
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