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you are welcome. Good luck with your cake...!
I know what I want for christmas! I wonder how it taste???
hum I'm not sure....maybe instead of sitting on-top of another cake you could have the cake shaped into something the t-rex could be eating like a bone with some blood on the ends (depending on the age of the child of couse)....good luck
I must say I just joined CC a few weeks ago and I am addicted. Is it bad that I pushed Ignore when my grandmother called because I was too busy watching a Tutorial.
YAY I found another video that explained it to me....i get it now. Phew...that was stressful.
wow i watched that and now i am so Maybe i was already confused and that video just exposed it...I haven't done a tiered cake yet but am about to try one. I know you use dowels for support....what I am confused about is what good is it to put short dowels in each tier by themselves like Edna did. How is a little dowel that doesn't enter the other tier help the cake from toppling over or does she do this just to add structure to the individual tier? I saw...
nevermind.. i got it done with the 2d!!!!!! yay thanks so much.
i have the 2d but it looks funny..maybe i'm doing it wrong. Can you try and explain how you do yours with the 2d?
is there a way to do the pretty swirl on the top of the cupcakes without the wilton 1m tip? Any other tip that does well?
I was trying to make some cupcakes for a church function tonight and i think my clear vanilla has gone bad and now my butter cream taste a little there anyway that i can correct this without making a whole new batch of buttercream? I will have to go to the store and buy new and im not sure I have time for that....
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