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I had a bride who told me the wedding topper they chose was very heavy so i doweled the top tier to support the weight.  What I didnt know was that it not only weighed a lot but that it had no base!  It was a glass heart that was supposed to sit on it's side!  I had it the night before the wedding and i thought it was going to balance okay but once I got to the venue I knew i was in trouble.  It was super wobbly.  I had pleanty of time so I left and ran to the party...
Firstly....I think you did everything correctly.  I have a clause in my contract that says I am not responsible for cake left in temperures over 75% or direct sun.  It also states that I am not responsible for any damage the cake receives once I have delivered it and set it up
Wilton teal/aqua
I personally use a food dehydrator to dry my like a charm
I personally have a terrible relationship with RCT .....they never turn out well for me.  If you dont have any gumpaste you can mix tylose power with fondant to make it harden.  What I personally do is after making my shape in fondant i will stick the fondant into a food dehydrator and leave it overnight.  Usually by the next day it is firm enough to do whatever i need to with it.  Hope this helps ;)  
vgcea, I agree that it would look poorly....but I was also curious to what the responses would be.
I have a question... While I really like using the SPS system and always do for my bigger cakes sometimes I use the WILTON plastic dowels for my smaller cakes. The ones that are 12inches long and come 4 to a bag for almost $4 at the craft store. Basically I am paying $1 per lenier foot for dowels. The thought happend to cross my mind why are those dowels any better than basic 1 inch PVC that cost aprox 10 cent per foot? I did a google search and found this link......
thanks costumeczar....makes perfect sense(so sweet of you to go to that trouble). I will post pictures when I am done.
I have a cake to make next weekend for a groom. The cake will be a lemur, while I can make him lying down I would really like to make him in this position. But I really dont know how that would work as far as structure. Any ideas? I know some of those like Doug usually can look at a shape and easily determine how to build the base. I am not gifted in that area. TIA
So i am hoping I have not bitten off more than I can chew for this cake....My client wanted a paint can made from cake. Her company uses quart size cans that measure 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. My plan was to stack 3 4inch rounds on top of each other which would have an end result of 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. My fear was that the height would be too much for the small 4 inch base and I believe I was right. It is very unsteady and i am uncomfortable using...
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