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yes thank you...i couldnt tell from the picture if it was just applied on the outside of the pink or if they had actully inserted something between multiple pink layers.  Is there a name for this style cake?
I'm not sure what this technique is called but in my 6 years of decorating I have never been asked to do it.  I am wanting to recreate this cake for my nieces 1ST birthday and need to see a tutorial on the best way to get the fondant to look like this between the layers.... anyone have a link?
I received the following emails today....I am a little concerned that they might not be ligit or possibly be leading to some sort of scam.   For starters I am in GA and the sender lists Ny as their  address....besides that the email was just a bit strange.  Opinions please    Comments : Hello. I'm looking for a very special, very original, very beautiful cake for my son, who will be graduating Marine Boot Camp on October 4, 2013. His birthday is also on October 28,...
Yeah that was the hurdle I was sure would be biggest. Anyone else do anything different at their shops.....currently my quality and flavor set me apart from the majority of competition here and would never want to our that at risk
I am curious about opinions on an idea I thought of but dont know how to explain it well.....    Firstly my thoughts are that it probably would not work well, but then again my second thought is it would be different which might work well.    Secondly this is simply a thought and by no means a business plan as I am currently happy with my licensed home set up.    So locally people love to order last minute birthday cake/ specialty cake ordering.  This is one...
Just making sure it is ALL the way cool before you ice it.  Other than that I am not sure.  I use WASC and it tends to be a bit gummy at times as well. 
I use this chart for ALL of my cakes  ...   The measurements on this one give a slightly smaller amount per cake.  For example Wilton says an 8 inch serves 24 and Earlenes chart says an 8 inch round serves 15. 
If it is fine when you torte it I would assume it is just appearing that way because it has soaked up the moisture from the buttercream or what ever you have filled it with.  (I dont really time my test to see if they are done baking I press on the top of them with my finger...when the cake springs back I know it is cooked through...if it stays sunk down it needs to cook longer)....but it sounds like this is not a baking issue  
Baking sis.....I don't know what the company was thinking when they made those. They are very petty but obviously made by someone who knows nothing about cake lol.
i swore i had that exact color in an americolor but when i checked i didnt find it. ii may have thrown it away. just check their website and see if they have something that will work.
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