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Thanks for the spun sugar recipe.
I do both. I can do a pretty good scratch chocolate cake, but when it comes to other flavors I prefer to use box only because it's better than mine. When I find a good scratch cake recipe I use it Instead of the box mix. In my opinion it's not cheating just taking a short cut. Hope I don't catch too much flak for this.
Maybe poured sugar, melt some sugar with corn syrup, pour in shape you want and let it set for a bit. Easy and quick. HTL
Your my hero!! I'm freaking because I have some cookies and cake pops to make! Your good!!
Yipeee! Thanks!
Where are my fav recipes and fav photos! Help!
First Impressions, great selection and S&H is very reasonable.
Does anyone have a good "almond Joy" cake recipe? Thanks!
Bought mine on Ebay, good deals there.
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