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Every time! My family knows when to scram, lol! There's a tutorial here at CC on hibiscus flowers. Good luck.
Thanks for the heads up! Always good to know.
I hear you Sista! I get consumed with thoughts of the cake and what I need to do and what I can add or not add, on and on and on! Good luck!
Just bought a cel board.
My fav recipes have been MIA for several days now. I can't view any recipes! Not sure what's going on. Hope it comes back soon. Im thankful I printed my most used recipes I'm guessing everyone is having this problem. Its one of my favorite section on this site.
The "Bakers Kitchen" makes a zero trans fat hi-ratio shortening, which is really good and guilt free!
Thanks Booper78Baker, I'll give a go!
Sweettreat101, I'll have to try Frostin Pride. Where can you find it? Do you use it to fill cupcakes too? Thanks for the tip!
Decorate the cake has a good variety of lace molds and good prices too.
Thanks kakeladi!
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