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Thanks for the heads up! Always good to know.
I hear you Sista! I get consumed with thoughts of the cake and what I need to do and what I can add or not add, on and on and on! Good luck!
Just bought a cel board.
My fav recipes have been MIA for several days now. I can't view any recipes! Not sure what's going on. Hope it comes back soon. Im thankful I printed my most used recipes I'm guessing everyone is having this problem. Its one of my favorite section on this site.
The "Bakers Kitchen" makes a zero trans fat hi-ratio shortening, which is really good and guilt free!
Thanks Booper78Baker, I'll give a go!
Sweettreat101, I'll have to try Frostin Pride. Where can you find it? Do you use it to fill cupcakes too? Thanks for the tip!
Decorate the cake has a good variety of lace molds and good prices too.
Thanks kakeladi!
Has anyone filled cupcakes with Pastry pride? How does it hold up? What about heat, does it melt? Also, what about flavoring and coloring? Thanks for any and all info you all can share!
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