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Thanks all, I love this place! (CC) I'm gonna try this on my next cake.
I've heard that some people combine modeling chocolate with fondant. I'd really like to hear from anyone that has done this, is it easy to work with? How about the taste? I'm really curious, so if anyone has any advice, I'd really like to hear it. Also is it 50/50? TIA
Thanks for the "corn syrup" tip, never thought of that. BakingIrene always has great advice. You've helped me out a few times.
Thanks BakingIrene, this is very helpful. Just one more question if you don't mind, is Rich's Bettercream the same as Pastry Pride? Thanks again, I never thought of using poured ganache, which I think I'll use.
My son wants a ice cream filled cake, it'll be my first. My question is "what is the best buttercream to cover cake" seeing it will be in the freezer for some time. Thanks all!
Lovinspoonful, that sounds Devine!
There's a recipe here on CC for rolled buttercream, I've used it to cover cupcakes and it worked well. It should do well for cakes.
I've many of these, mostly the "old fashion" way.I agree with Leah as far as just a tad bit of frosting or whatever binder your using. I use all kinds of things to bind them together. Kaluha, flavored creamer, any kind of liquour wil do. or just a tad of frosting. I have picked up a few good tips here. Not to freeze or chill them in the fridge. Makes sense. I've also used the cake pop maker. Unless you use really moist dense cake, they usually don't come out that...
I was looking at Earlene Moore's cream cheese frosting and it calls for "Butavan" what is it? Thanks!
Every time! My family knows when to scram, lol! There's a tutorial here at CC on hibiscus flowers. Good luck.
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