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I love Dragees there so pretty! Unfortunately I live in California where they are "Banned" but fortunately I have relatives in a state where dragees are legal, so I have my sweet sister send them out to me. I think you'd have to eat dragees for breakfast, lunch and dinner for years before they'll actually cause any medical issues! I only use them for family cakes though.
Mazol Tov!
I never knew you could extend a cake mix, nice to know. I feel kinda stupid
I've used the Wilton "grass" tip. Works perfect!
Thanks Texas Sugar! Appreciate your response. I'll probably be taking one or two again. They really are fun classes!
Texas Sugar, I have taken all the Wilton Courses and really enjoyed them. I am curious, are the "new" courses that much different?I'm thinking of taking them again to get some new ideas, my question is this, is it worth taking the courses again? Thanks for any input.
Very cute apron!
I like the soup can idea! I like the fact that it's open at both ends. I've also heard if you lower the temp. and bake a bit longer you won't have to use a heat core.
Can't wait to try it!
If you lower the bake temp to 325, how much longer do you have to bake the cake? Thanks for all the great info!
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