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I tried it using frozen pink lemonade (thawed) instead of water, it was good. I'd try it again using less of the pink lemonade.
Never heard of putting the cake on the top rack, what's the time on a cake that size when baking on the top rack? I always learn something new here!
Hi all, just a quick question that I'm sure one of you wonderful decorators will know. How do I get "Tiffany blue" which colors should I mix together? TIA:grin:
Thanks for the info!
Thanks for all this wonderful info, love you CC's!
Thanks for this advice. Makes sense. I'll do this.
Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to simplify making labels for your cakes. There are so many ingredients, never really realized it. I'm in CA and applying for my CFO license. Any advice would be helpful.
I'm sure this has been addressed here before but I missed it. My question is "can you freeze ganache?" Thanks for any reply.
I've never used buttermilk before in cakes. Do you use it instead of water? What makes it different? Richer cake? I'm always looking to try something different and I always find something here at CC. Thanks for any advice.
Wow, thanks for sharing! They all sound delish!
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