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was going to use madira its my fav cake, will definatly use your mix though scrummy, similar to what my mother in law recommended. thanks again for the help will post a pic once its done
Thanks for your adv the the client is someone who normally makes cakes but cant do this one as she wants it for a suprise for her daughter, i made her sons a few wks ago but this time she asked if it could be in royal instead of buttercream and fondant like his, and stupidly i aggreed,
Hi ive been asked to make a birthday cake and to cover it in royal icing. ive used royal icing before on christmas cakes that were fruit and mazipaned but never on a sponge cake. What i need to now is other than filling he cake with jam, what do i cover the cake with is it just royal icing or like a christmas cake marzipan, so stuck at the mo and the cake is du i a couple of wks, any help would be very munch appricated. thenk you in advance Mel
hj im making a scooby doo cake next month for a friend but she wants chocolate which ive made before only problem is its not great for carving i was wondering as maderia cake is good for that job if j put coco powder in the maderia mix would that give me a workable cake that tasted good aswellthanks for reading Melissa
Hi there, just wondering if anyone else is still having the same problem as me, but none of the pictures seem to be working, not sure if its just my computer or the site.
thank you for all your help, i have managed to save it just about, bless my husband said its not as good as it was but better than anything he could do lol
thank you all for your help, i think its just about been saved, i put it in the fridge, and it did dry out, but do you ever have that feeling that a cake is just not meant to be, while i was putting the butter cream on the cake half the cake fell apart, but ive stuck it together with more buttercream, seem to be holding going to deliver it, will put a photo of it up later, not great but it will do, my husband says it isnt as good as it was but better than anything he could...
its made of fondent, its not normally warm in our house but we usually have the doors open, but it has been warmer than normal for the end of october up north in england lol
thank you i have it in the fridge, sorry about the panic i have calmed down now, thinking stright now, put coronation street on the tv and having a chill, before i do anymore work on the cake, hopefully it wont turn up on the cake disaster photos lol
Hi there, sorry about the rush but i am currently sat here panicing as i am handing a halloween cake over tomorrow and i have make the cake, and the icing and thats oall good, but i made the witch model to sit on the top last week, i have then been away for a few days and when i came back this evening found that she is very sticky and stuck to the grease proof paper she is sat on, any help it is currently 1.16 am here in england and i am in a jam, anyone got any ideas i...
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