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I think you could airbrush them with a stencil, I would try it, I have seen this and always wondered how they did it, I tried to copy it with a stamp and food coloring, but it didnt work. If you try, let me know how it went, good luck!
HI guys, I've been reading this thread, I'm seriously thinking of getting this edible image contraption, cant I just buy a new printer if I already have a scanner and computer? If so, can someone direct me a bit as to what I'll need- I've seen you discuss cleaners and refillable cartridges, whats the best advice? Thanks!
Thanks guys for your help, hope to try soon!
HI guys, I'm new at this; is RBC the same as rolled fondant? it seems like it is when I peeked at the pictures. I want to get into decorating cookies with icing, until now I've been using rolled fondant, it gives nice results, but I'd like to try the royal icing you're all talking about!
I read a post somewhere about boiling sweetened condensed milk to make caramel, anyone know how to do this-cant find it anywhere! if not, how can I make a simple caramel to smear on a cheesecake?Thanks!
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