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Thank you, thank you! You've been so helpful. I tried the vodka, it was easier to just use, it worked great-thanks Verono. I appied the pre-printed sheets to fondant and then to the cookie, it worked beauifully! I'll post pictures soon..ttyl, Mari
Thanks, guys, the vodka sounds easier than corn syrup, but Ill try both. Any other hints or tricks so I dont waste the printed sheets?
ok, so does it matter if i use rolled fondant or royal icing to cover the cookie? It sounds good, though- I wasnt icing the cookie when I experimented with a baked cookie.
oh, great tip, thanks. Maybe youll know...I ordered the pre-printed designer frosting sheets from Luck's as well, I tried baking the cookie with the sheet on, and it wrinkled, I thought that was one way to apply them, if i cant then I guess I'll apply them after theyre cooked- I just wanted an easier way to apply them, if I put them on after, then I have to cut each one out smaller than the cookie, right? lots of work...
Thanks, Keri! I tried it, and YUM!!! omg, it was easy and perfect! I want to use it for other things, I'm just not creative enough to figure out what else; any good ideas??
Thanks Luv2bake6, I just received them the other day, they weren't so bad, I think I have to be careful not to put too much water on the surface, or they tear.. It's sooo cool! Thanks!
Oh no, I ordered a bunch, and I planned on doing mostly cookies; I'm a little nervous now. I hope the frosting sheets will be ok... I'll let you know!
Auntginn, thanks so much for the advice, I spoke with Kopycake, and I think I'm going to buy a printer tomorrow, they told me that the canon cartridges can only be refilled twice, whereas the epson can be filled an unlimited amount of times, because it has no sponge. I think I'm going to to try the epson. I saw frosting sheets on along with lots of other very cool things! cant wait to try! Thanks!
I used the NFSC recipe and substituted 1/2 cup of the flour with cocoa, and also decreased the flour by 1/4 cup, they were fantastic!
I just made my first batch of RI on NFSC last night and the same thing is happening to mine. I did add a lot more water, but the icing needed it, it wasnt thin enough when I did the 10 second test, what should I have done then? Maybe i didnt mix it long enough after I added the water- how long does it need to mix again for after each addition?
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