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Oh my gosh! Can you imagine how long it takes to decorate 1 cookie?!  How much can one possibly charge for something like that????
I have an order for a wedding cake this week, I am making the tiers dummies except for the top. The customer wants to serve the guests from a sheet cake, how do I decorate it? It's a red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream- do I just ice it or do I have to all out decorate??Thanks!
Yes, yes, yes! organize my photos, etc...would be GREAT!!!
OMG how annoying are those pop ups when I scroll over a picture in my favorite photos!!! Why do we need it there anyway?? The pictures are better now but can you pleaaase get rid of those pop us??!!
I tried searching the answer, but I can't seem to find it even though I know it's here somewhere! Anyone know what I can use as a sub...I think it had 1/4 tsp vanilla, 1/4 tsp almond, but what else??
K I'm gonna show my ignorance here...what do you use them for?...instead of dowels?
I go through the same thing as all of you have mentioned, I am also in a small community, and I think my prices are competitively fair, but I get my share of \\"Wow, so much??\\" or the uncomfortable \\"Oh, um ...uh, I uh...\\" -where I feel like I should go down in price, and sometimes I do, I know thats\\' wrong but I worry that people will walk away and spread the word that \\"Mari\\'s cakes are sooo expensive.\\" There is another custom baker in town and people...
It would be great if the picture would enlarge slightly as you mouse over it, like Google images has now, so I dont have to go through the whole process of clicking on it and going back.
Yes! me too, it would be great if I could organize my favs
Yup, I am soooo thankful that I found this site; I've learned so much and I'm just a "newbie"!
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