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You did an Amazing Job and you should have a Statue Of You Errected in your Honor! You are a Saint! God Bless you Sweetheart! You made that Bride very Happy! I bet you get tons of referrals! 
Are you using the all white viva ( no Print)? And you might want to check your mixer and maksure it's not coming from it.
Hi I am stuck. What is the best way to achieve a tie dye from buttercream? Frozen BC tranfer or Piping and smoothing? Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks
Most of the really sharp edged cakes have Ganache underneath the fondant. But to get the best results with buttercream...using a buttercream with at least 1/2 butter....then after you frost the cake put it in the fridge the buttercream is really firm! Then take it out in the morning and cover! (also roll your fondant pretty thin!
I guess there is a few bugs left...finally found the drop down with the favs and my photos but there isn't anything there.
Where are my favs and my photos? I am confused!
I had this problem before...I used chocolate, a straw and a skewer. I put the skewer in my spout and added the straw into the cake where the spout will be inserted..I put melted chocolate on the spout and in the straw. insert the skewer in the straw. you will have to hold it in place for a few mins. til the chocolate sets
Have you tried putting a core in your cake or I use a rose nail in the center..if it's sinking it's because the cake isn't done in the center..if the batter is thick you need something to conduct heat in the center. Also square pans have more servings per size than round so you may need to add more cooking time!
Go to Michael's or hobby lobby...they carry Duff cake supplies and his line carries a brick impression mat. Easy to use while the fondant is still soft you can press the mat into the fondant leaving the impression. Use powder colors like various browns and burgandy and black...using a paint brush dry brush the will give it nice effect...just use each color on different bricks...varying the color of the bricks! Good luck!
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