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I did a tasting of cocoa powders in cake a while back for a CC mag article I wrote. Pernigotti was the clear winner (available via Amazon). I did not care for Valrhona. It gave everything I made with it an off flavor and I eventually threw it out. Callebaut is good, but is second to Pernigotti in my opinion. Scharffen Berger works well if you are looking for a cocoa that is not Dutch processed and is mild in flavor and color. Good luck!
They are up! Sorry for all of the confusion. Please PM me if you have any questions. Happy Baking!   Summer
Hi everyone, I am so sorry there has been an issue with this! I submitted four recipes with the article, but never saw the article in print so I didn't know that they did not get in there with the other content. I will post the recipes in the recipe section on the site this evening or in the morning and post back when they are up. Thanks for your patience!   Summer Stone
Yes, make sure your bc is at a cool room temp and beat it into submission (I would say at least 5 min rather high). If that doesn't work you could try adding a small amount of melted cooled white chocolate or white chips, something with lecithin that will help emulsify your fats and liquids. Or you could add touch (1/8 tsp or so) of xanthan gum (from health food stores) which is a great emulsifier and is tasteless.
For me, I like baking from scratch because I like knowing what is going into my cake. I can also pick up a strange after taste from cake mixes. I personally tend to like finer grained cakes too that you just can't get from a boxed mix. I have made some boxed cake make overs that I felt were good but I had to add so many other ingredients to them that I figured I may as well start from scratch
Thanks for the input on the testing results you had... I rate CakeMan Raven's very high myself, and wonder what adjustments you made in his recipe? Thanks I swapped out some of the oil and added butter. It was better but still more dry than I was hoping for. This weekend I decided to give the Cook's Country (America's Test Kitchen's) recipe a go again. I think this was my favorite so far, but it needed adjustments too. I added 3/4 tsp salt, 1/4 cup sugar and changed...
I have been making ganache lately with cream cheese instead of the cream. It seems to tone down some of the sweetness but it will give you a cream cheese flavor. It's great if you like that but not if you don't like or want to taste cream cheese.
Ok here is the answer that I got from a food science professor:Actually, the science behind the effect you observed is quite well understood (and is part of the Food Science training that our students receive). When consumers of baked goods talk about “moistness” or “dryness”, they are not referring to the physical chemistry of water. Actually, both moistness and dryness as we perceive them from a sensory standpoint relates to the amount of fat or shortening in the...
I wouldn't bother with Paula's. My friend and I did a RV taste test with close to 10 different cakes and Paula's was no where near the top. Cake Man Raven's was probably the best stock recipe we found. You may need to make adjustments on his too. Buttermilk definitely matters in this cake to react with the baking soda since there is no baking powder. Be sure it bakes long enough too (no crumbs on tester) or the cake will be super fragile and hard to handle.
I couldn't find anything in the Journal of Food Science. Plus I could only view abstracts online. I am going to email a professor of food and science technology at my alma mater and see if he has any insight.
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