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I'm in the same boat and I've signed up as a volunteer for Icing Smiles as well as Birthday Cakes 4 Free. So every month I get to make cakes for kids with birthdays who happen to be going through a tough situation and live in a homeless shelter at the moment... and I love it! I've gotten to do 3 cakes for Icing smiles so far and usually they are for kids who are no longer in the hospital. Usually the kids who are still in the hospital need a baker who has a licensed...
I made 400 cake pops for a fundraiser at the school picnic that was supposed to be this evening... it was just cancelled due to high winds and moved to next Tuesday. I have them individually wrapped in bags with twist ties. Will they be fine left in a cool room until Tuesday evening? or should I try to freeze them? Will the chocolate get spots if I do that?Please help if you have any advise.Thanks!Christy
my daughter is allergic to eggs as well. I haven't tried it with the recipe you mentioned, but I have had great success using a product called "Egg Replacer" from Ener-G. It's a powder, and I find that for each egg called for in a recipe, if I use a bit more than 2 tbsp of warm water and two heaping teaspoons of the powder for each egg and whip them to frothy in a separate bowl and add them as the last ingredient to a recipe it turns out pretty well. It works great for...
This was posted in the Icing Smiles Facebook page this morning: MN Bakers: FUN Cake needed for a 17 y/o bone marrow transplant patient at Amplatz Children's Hospital on 3/9. Please contact Rose at if you can help.I contacted Rose and learned that because the child is in a hospital, the cake needs to be made by a licensed baker and I'm only a hobby baker. So if you know of any licensed bakers in the Twin Cities area, please contact them to see...
I just did a Google search for "recipe pricing calculator" and several free download options came up. You can check them out and see if any of them work for you.
My daughter has egg and peanut allergies, and I just use a box mix and replace the eggs called for with a mixed powder called Egg Replacer from Ener-G. I can find it in my grocery store in the natural foods isles... however, it can also be ordered online directly from site. Its the only egg replacement I've found that bakes up normally.Good luck!
you "glue" the sticks in with a little chocolate and let it dry before you dip the whole thing in the chocolate. Just dip the sticks in chocolate and stick in the cake ball.
I too use the Wilton candy melts, but thin them out by adding crisco or vegetable oil to it. its always too thick without adding something to it for working with cake balls. I also only melt the candy "most" of the way and then stir it when I add the crisco/vegetable oil... the heat from the ones that are fully melted will melt the rest of them, and then I know it won't burn.good luck!
We are up to 42 signatures! Please continue to pass this onto your Minnesota friends and have them sign the petition!
my daughter too has egg allergies and I have used the Ener-g Egg replacer for years and it works great! I can find it now in the natural food isles of the grocery store, but its also available at the website.good luck!
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