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Okay.. I have been reading through all the discussions here and I haven't found the one that covers this. I have a pive with the liners sticking way to much to the cupcake. I am about to about a Shoppe, and I wanted to add a little flare to my cupcakes with wrapping them in a wrapper that matches my shoppe decor.. Should I just leave the cupcake liner on and then wrap or take the liner off?? I am wanting to make this less time consuming, but I cannot stand it when they...
Yeah I have heard to bake them at 400 for 5 minutes and then reduce the heat... I use an old cupcake pan that has been in my family for years and I didn't want to have to stop using it, but I guess I will have to go buy me some other ones and see how they work compared to mine that I have now? Thank you LindaF144 I will for sure be looking for that Journal.. Thank you both so very much!!!
I know I have seen an article/forum on this topic somewhere, but now I cannot find it!!! I am wondering how in the heck to get cupcakes to dome while baking? I have attempted it and got some what of a dome but I want it bigger? Am I not putting enough batter in the cups or am I cooking at the wrong temp? Like I said I have seen something posted a few months back but now I can't find it? Please help!!! THANK YOU
Any suggestions on how long to keep a cake dummie decorated? I am wanting to make a few for display, but not sure how long to keep them and what fondant to use.. I don't want them to look dried out though.. TYFR
Okay, I finished hand painting a jukebox shaped from RK and covered in fondant, but my paint NEVER fully dried.. I just used icing color and added lemon juice to it to paint the fondant.. I know there has got to be a better less messier way to paint.. Can somebody please tell me..?? Thank you so much!
I like using the stiff white buttercream icing.... Any color I use does this... I was thinking that my room temp. may also be affecting this? I will definently try adding a little cornstarch.. Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to reply.. I am using the Wilton food coloring... yes my icing looks perfrect until I add the color to it? What is the americolor and how do I find it on here? Thank you!!
I am an amateur and very new to this web site and I am not sure if I am posting this where I should... Every time I color my icing it becomes oily and seperates?? I have tried using different recipes and even cut back on my shortening... I am taken by this frustration.... HELP!!
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