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Help, please, needing a cake saying for a baby shower, with a jungle theme. Kind of stuck on Welcome to our Jungle family....any cool ideas out there?
Thanks so much. But this adds another question. What would you suggest when doing a sugar cookie to put a little saying on the cookie. Would you use the wafter paper or the icing sheet? I did the wafer paper and my daughter said when she bit into the cookie the entire "paper" came off.... I have to be doing something wrong.
Just started working with edible images and not just loving the out come. I need everyones advice. First which side of the paper should the image be on. Also what icing does best to dissolve the paper? I have had a couple of good ones and then it seems like they are just staying like a sheet. My goal is to make wedding cake shaped cookies for my son's wedding rehearsal dinner as favors. all amaze me with your knowlege
You are so right, they are not just your ordinary straws. In fact I was concerned even using them in a large cake, but after I saw jammjerks cake I was blown away. Bubble straws here I come. Also great idea mirda6275 on the pet clippers!
The bubble straws are what I will order on line...
They are wooden dowels, and I use tree clippers I got at Lowes.... They work really well. I will probably order some on line.
I am still using up my dowel rods, but at a demonstration they said it is the straws like the use at Braums....check them out. They are pretty sturdy. I am anxious to use them. Don't you love this cake forum. Can hardly wait for the magazine to come out.....
I have used a dowl rod and done an impression in a diamond shape. I cut the dowl at an angle, this will rest on the cake plate, lightly push it into the cake....move the dowl rod making impressions until you have gone around the cake, then angle it the other way. It really turned out pretty.
Thank you so much....your cake was beautiful. It is good to find an alternative to dowl rods....just think they are a pain. This has to be the best avenue for finding new ideas and learning from others. It humbles me to see how talented people are.
You use them with stacked cakes with 3 and 4 layers?
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