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I would like to make a question...I use wilton's meringue powder.I want to make some little meringues.I have to bake them or to leave them dry?  
Good evening. I will start my own business with cakes,cupcakes and cookies. Here in Greece is very new concept and there are no such stores,yet.So I would like ideas for decorating the reception area. The colors that I want the room will be pink, chocolate and white but not exclusively ... Are there some photos of similar business to get some ideas?Thank you.I use the interpreter .. I hope it is understandable what I write ...)
Can you tell me a store with flavors for confectionery cakes, biscuits and butter cream. I would like to have e-shop to order from Greece..And if you suggest me a favorite flavors and combinations.Thank you.
Τhank you all very much...My friend the color scheme designer is great!
Hello my friends!I really need your help... They asked me to do 50 cupcakes. Six of them will have letters like decor that will create the name of the celebrated. Requested to have black fondant coating and letters to be fucsia. The other cupcakes has to be colorful and for decoration asked words like joy,happy....I would like to ask which colors should I suggest to the client .I would like to have a really good combination and if you have any decoration ideas..Thank you..
We really need much drying time as I see .... as I said I have been asked to fix 30 Round Cakes (22 cm perimeter and 14 cm height). They want to have white fondant coating and colored polka dots). Should be ready in April. I have two questions: When should I start and how much to charge each one?
Thanks a lot..!
They asked me to do 30 dummy cakes...They want the cakes just for decoration. Ìy fear is that the fondand will come of the dummy if i coated just with corn syrop...What do you think?
É just saw the link!Thank you!!!
Hello my friend.I would like to do a figure like this .I did a search to youtube for a video with instruction but nothing.Do you have anything in mind?(excuse my bad english... )
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