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I understand your point of view, but for me, if I don't try to pay the rent with my income, even if it's a percentage like Jason said, I would feel that I'm still on the hobby area. Of course I'd have profit and pay other bills, but I do want to add the rent because I am using the kitchen and costumers will come into my house for consultations or pick ups. If I wouldn't have the business from home, I'd find another job to help my husband pay the rent, like we were doing...
Sorry if I sound that I don't know anything, but it's because I don't lololol I've started my research a few weeks ago and am reading a lot about it. I understand your explanation, but how can I know the number of orders if I haven't even started the business? and I have no idea how to guess or predict. The same with the hours, I have all my days free, but I don't know when I'll be really working full time until the business gets going
How do you do it? I rent a house and I'm planning on starting a home business and was wondering how to add it..Divide the rent by the days, and then by hours? Then add this to my hourly rate?? Thanks in advance.
Hi, thank you so much for answering and sorry it took me so long... I was crazy busy! I did follow your tips and it did help!! because I was afraid of damaging, a added the box where I packed the cake into another cake box 1'' bigger and added bubble wrap in the gap between the boxes. Then my husband made 2 handles with silver tape that were touching all the bottom and sides of the boxes, so it was comfortable to carry The cakes arrived and came back perfect!! ...
Hi everybody, I tried to find something about, but I didn't find anything. My question is: how do you pack a cake you are taking for competition?I am going to one a bit far away. It's only a one tier celebration cake and one decorative piece (2 separate entries). I have to take a bus for 4 hours then subway for up to 1 hour in rush hour!!! I'm afraid the cake and piece wouldn't survive the bumps and other things if I take in a normal cake box.Is there a way you guys do to...
Hi guys! thank you so much for the advices. I sent an e-mail to the person who recored the song and she told me the lyric it's public domain, only her recording is copyrighted, so I can use the lyric to base my design! yay!!!She just asked me to send a picture of the cake when it's done
lol it's because the nursery is not that common. I just learned about it because I was looking for something different and I'd be able to represent. but my afraid is to have to explaining to each person what the cake is about. so, i don't know :/ lolololbut thanks for your opinion!
anyone, pleasE??
I'll be participating of a cake competition and my design will be based on a song for kids, a nursery rhyme or something like that. Should I display the song on the table beside my cake?Also, is there any copyright issue??Thanks already!!!!!!!!!
Wow! That looks like a great way to go !! it totally makes sense!! You took a weight from my back (that I'll put on the cakes lolol) I was here thinking if I should make the cakes again or if they would survive, but your tips definitely sound a safe territory!!Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
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