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I do refrigerate the cake for many hours...
buttercream contains no butter In the Netherlands it is used a lot, but I am not satisfied with the result.The colour is nog important, white, or light yellow, it is ok with me.The point is, that it stays a bit stiff while covering the fondant.I practise for a year now, but want it better... thats me!I keep practicing...Thanks for all the answers given to me.
I have made the SMC, and it was realy good.The problem was that it was nog stiff enough for covering the fondant with a good result. I use butter for these cremes, but I think you all use more crisco or trex...Is that true?Or dutch butter is different
THis is what I usualy use: 1 : 1, butter and icing sugar
Thanks a lot, I'll have a look
I am a dutch girl and addicted by making cakes.In holland we use a kind of buttercream to put on a cake before we put fondant on it.This buttercream is not hard enough I think, because the cake does not become very smooth, with nice edges. I found a lot of video's where people use nice white stuff before covering with fondant.I tried to find out, at this forum, what it is, but I am not sure. There are so many terms used, that I don't know.What is the best to cover a cake...
I also prefer the dry method
The zebra stripes are great, thanks a lot
Wow, thats a lot
another one
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