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ok...still having problems. I have tried coating the cutter in shortening, dipping in powdered sugar, letting the fondant dry some before cutting, letting the fondant dry in the cutter before poking it out, rolling the fondant thin, thick....nothing is working. A toothpick is the only thing I can find to fit in on the side of the A and it just pokes right though, I still have to try to pull the fondant out, distorting the A to look like a 2nd grader's attempt to write...
I bought some of the Wilton 1 inch fondant alphabet fondant cut outs am having a problem. How the heck do you get the tiny little letters out of the cutter without distorting it. I am having a serious problem with the is so small the fondant just won't come out without pulling out of shape or tearing. I know there has to be a trick to the trade......
Do you leave the foil ones on for delivery or is this just for the baking process. Is the white just inside the foil which is inside the pan?? I love cupcakes but have been very disappointed in my results so far. This thread is great!
That is what I was thinking....thanks for humoring me and my silly question!
Silly question for professionals, I know, but here it goes. Does anyone know how long store bought frosting will last when left out of the fridge? I am putting together a last minute cake for a friend and I have some left over frosting from Halloween cookies that I could use to make a small "The Incredibles" logo with. But I took it out of the fridge yesterday. I would hate to make a whole batch of homemade icing for something so small.
That is funny.... But good news, I found them at the one and only restaurant supply place in town. Thanks for the suggestion, I wasn't thinking restaurant but only bakery supplies.
Does anyone have the Fat Daddio pans? What is the difference between them and the Magic Line?
Thanks Guys. It is my mission today to find them locally. I live in Bakersfield, CA and well, let's just say there is a shortage of any professional supplies here in town. CC is the best!
thank you. would ebay be the best place to buy them? I need them this week for a cake due next weekend.
Hello All, I am new to cake decorating and was wondering where is the least expensive place to get the "true" square cake pans and which brand is the best. Thanks.
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