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I agree!!! That is why I haven't dove into a full time business. I don't want to spend every Friday night in Cakeland. That is movie night in our house, and I have missed so many. Of course my kids are 5 and 7, so they usually involve talking dog or two, so those I don't mind missing so much!!! it's weird, the closer CA gets to passing the CFL, the farther I get from wanting to go into business. My free cakes keep me busy enough.....
I use the closet under the stairs to house all my goodies. It is just a few steps from the kitchen so it works well for me. My husband built me shelving, and just like Leah, I use office storage supplies for my stuff. I have all kinds of shelves, containers, and so on attached to the walls and door.
Good for you!!! I am not a business, so I don't have to worry about prices, but I have been telling people no alot lately. I just don't want to be that busy doing free cakes. Sure, I enjoy making these cakes, but I enjoy my family too!!!!
I like it. It is rather sweet. I tastes notthing like MMF, so if that is what you are used to you might not like it.
I had the same results as you, so I gave up too. I use Satin Ice now. It is more expensive, but saves me hours of work and labor, and it is consistent. I personally didn't like the MMF, it seems to be too stretchy for me.
You can make your vanilla Bettercreme chocolate by adding chocolate pudding and chocolate syrup and/or powder.
Buy the darker colors, or invest in an airbrush. It is way easier and you will get consistent results.
So weird. And now you have me worried, because I will be using it next week for a turtle cake.....
I use the one on the can of Hershey's too. So delicious!
I don't know how it will hold up after applied to the cake and frozen, but I freeze my whipped Pastry Pride all the time. It hold up really well, but I find it does need a little re-whipping to get the firm consistency after being frozen. It seems to deflate some after being frozen and needs a little help.
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