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Yep. But I would form it over the outside of the bowl turned upside down. That would be easier to get it on smooth that way. And make sure you coat your bowl with shortening then cornstarch or powdered sugar. Then it shouldn't stick. When I do this I keep rotating the gumpaste around every once in a while afte rit has started to harden. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I do it to help it not stick.
Place your cake on its own cake board (same size as the cake) then attach that cakeboard to the decorative one. I use duct tape to attach mine. Add your boarder after you attach to the decorative to cover up any of the board you can see. HTH
Mine were already decorated with fondant, but I would think you let it get back to room temp, which happens really fast, then frost. I took mine out and let them thaw on thr counter, but that is just because I was worried about moisture on the fondant. I am not sure what others do, maybe someone else will chime in. Good luck, but I think either way would be fine.
Thank you!!!!! This just gave me the push I needed to give IMB a try. YAY!!! Thanks a million times over!!!!!
I layered mine in a tupperware container with parchment between the layers, then covered it with saran wrap, then the lid. But I would think they would be fine in a Ziplock baggie, as long as you can protect against breakage. That is what I was worried about, so I used the plastic container too.
I just did this with the NFSC, even after I had covered them in fondant. They tasted as if they never touched the freezer.
That is too bad, but you are right. Would she recommend you to a friend saying, "Well the cake I got was dry and we threw it out, but she gave me a full refund. So I think you should go with her anyway, she made it right." What kind of referral is that?? And is it one you want??? A client who is coming into the deal expecting a full refund for a small portion of the cake they said they weren't happy with. I would rather be known for an beautiful cake that tasted great. If...
I use fabric that I cover in Modge Podge. It is a non-toxic glue that makes a waterproof seal once it is dry. This way your choice of cake boards is just about limitless. Some decorators on here would frown about the non-toxic vs food safe, but my cakes are on their own cakeboard, then on the decorative Modge Podged one, so the contact is very limited. I have seen on here that others use wrapping paper, then cover that with clear shelf liner. Once again this is non-toxic,...
This past week it was Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today! Wedding season has started so I'm going to be slammed for the next two months, then just generally busy until October. Booooooo....I saw some little cartoon that said "They say that your work should be something that you love...I I need to find someone who's willing to pay me to drink wine and look at pinterest."[/quote]Me TOO!!!!!!
I haven't been able to find the liquid malt flavoring either, so I used powered. I just dissolved it in a little water, like I do the pudding when I made mine. I think the liquid would have tasted better, but what can you do????
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