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Don't start over again, you can still use yours. Just let it come up to room temp, or give it a little help. That is all. It will still be good, just a little hard at first. No worries.
I use stir sticks inserted into the bottom, or toothpicks. It jsut depends on how large the piece is. Taller the piece the more support you need. And you have to make sure the piece is dry, or it will crack around the support system. Insert your stick before it is dry, or you will have to "glue" it to the back. HTH
Ok. I am not sure which recipe you used, but mine is always hard when it comes out of the fridge too. Just let it come up to room temp, or pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. And i mean just a few seconds, that stuff melts FAST! The warmth of your hands with warm it up too. Once it gets a little warmer it should be fine. Kneed it a few times too and you should be ready to go. I have found it is very forgiving, even if I melt it a tad too much I can add a little more...
I am confused. What is the problem with it? Is it set up? Too soft? Too hard? With more info we might be able to help.
My friend just asked me to do a cake for her girlfreind's 40th birthday. We are meeting later this week to talk design, but I am drawing a blank. All she has told me so far is that she likes, teal, taupe, wildflowers, owls, and frogs. And we are looking at about 35 people.Any ideas on how to pull that all together and still look classy? Or should I ask her which is the most important and focus on that? I am afraid all those together will look like a 4 year old's party, not...
Yep, I love those things. I save all mine after my Costco fruit buys!!!
It is probably because your chocolate didn't get completely melted. This has happened to me before. Yes, you can melt it back down again and get it smooth, then let it set up again. good luck!
I feel you pain, and I am not even selling my cakes. I make cakes solely for friends and family, and they are free, since it is not yet legal to bake from home in CA. Well, after this last weekend, when I had two cakes to do, and a ton of mommy duties, which my husband had to do for me, I have decided it just isn't worth it right now. I love my hobby, but I love my family more. When my husband has to have the kids out of the house all weekend, on his only two days off, and...
Yes, thank you!
Maybe try a degreaser, like Simple Green or some vinegar might do the trick.
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