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Thank you! It was a fun one.
I just finished a cake for my friend's girlfriend. All I was told is that she likes owls, frogs, wildflowers, teal, mauve, and taupe.... I love it when my friends give me free reign on the design. What do you guys think???? So now I get get sit down and enjoy the rest of the night with my family. YAY!!!
Thank you Elcee. This is a fondnat cake also, so I am hoping it will be ok. Thank you so much.
That is what I am worried about sweettooth101. I have heard of people doing it, and I have put 2D figures in thr fridge without any problems, but I am a little nervous about the flowers. Has anyone ever done this and had success when they came out??
I would like to put the flowers I made on my cake right now, but it will be chilled overnight. Can I put dried flowers that I made of fondant mixed with Tylose into the fridge. They were made yesterday, so they are completely dry now. I would hate to pull it out tomorrow and have them go limp on me. TIA
It just depends on how big you need the balloons to be. I made some on a wire and they were just fine. Like Pam1976 said, make sure your wire is thick enough and that they dry on the wire for a few days.
This is so exciting!!! But of course my family and friends have burned me out on caking for free that I can't stomach the thought of actually going into business. But maybe in a year or so I will feel differently.
I am not sure what it is called, but I know of a place where you can order custom cake dummies for a reasonable price. I ordered some tapered ones from them a few months ago. It is Guildcraft Furniture, I know weird, but they do cake dummies too. The owner is a super nice guy that was more than willing to help me with whatever I needed. He even stayed late to make sure it was done and shipped in time. Great customer service. Here is the link. If the link gets edited just...
I was having this problem, when I looked at my blade it was worn, you could see the worn spot. So apparently my height got adjusted somehow over the years. There is a tutorial on you tube on how to check the height of your bowl. Once I adjusted the height I haven't had the problem again. (It was WAY off) Like you my mixer is about 10 to 12 years old.
I insert so it doesn't show. I like my cakes to be viewable from all sides. But do this in the begining, let the figure harden around the stick.
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