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I would like to put the flowers I made on my cake right now, but it will be chilled overnight. Can I put dried flowers that I made of fondant mixed with Tylose into the fridge. They were made yesterday, so they are completely dry now. I would hate to pull it out tomorrow and have them go limp on me. TIA
It just depends on how big you need the balloons to be. I made some on a wire and they were just fine. Like Pam1976 said, make sure your wire is thick enough and that they dry on the wire for a few days.
This is so exciting!!! But of course my family and friends have burned me out on caking for free that I can't stomach the thought of actually going into business. But maybe in a year or so I will feel differently.
I am not sure what it is called, but I know of a place where you can order custom cake dummies for a reasonable price. I ordered some tapered ones from them a few months ago. It is Guildcraft Furniture, I know weird, but they do cake dummies too. The owner is a super nice guy that was more than willing to help me with whatever I needed. He even stayed late to make sure it was done and shipped in time. Great customer service. Here is the link. If the link gets edited just...
I was having this problem, when I looked at my blade it was worn, you could see the worn spot. So apparently my height got adjusted somehow over the years. There is a tutorial on you tube on how to check the height of your bowl. Once I adjusted the height I haven't had the problem again. (It was WAY off) Like you my mixer is about 10 to 12 years old.
I insert so it doesn't show. I like my cakes to be viewable from all sides. But do this in the begining, let the figure harden around the stick.
I don't know if there is a specific time, I make them an leave them in the freezer til needed. In fact, I have about 50 of them waiting for use right now. I let mine come up to a soft frozen state, colder than the fridge, but not hard. And it is important that your chocolate isn't too hot also. That will make them crack. It is a trial adn error proccess, and if they crack, just redip and give them another coat. That is where sprinkles and sandign sugar come into play, they...
Thanks for the ideas guys. Now it is down to 25 people, so it will be a single layer for sure. Any other ideas out there??? I l work mostly with fondant.
Don't start over again, you can still use yours. Just let it come up to room temp, or give it a little help. That is all. It will still be good, just a little hard at first. No worries.
I use stir sticks inserted into the bottom, or toothpicks. It jsut depends on how large the piece is. Taller the piece the more support you need. And you have to make sure the piece is dry, or it will crack around the support system. Insert your stick before it is dry, or you will have to "glue" it to the back. HTH
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