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thanks girls, i guess i will just have to have more patience and just try to let them dry over night. I was just letting the outlines dry for maybe 1/2 hour to an hour, we'll see.... have you used RI on fondant, and if so, have you ever had bleeding or will it work pretty well? Im just trying to plan the best way to decorate some superhero cookies.
Ive had problems with my colors bleeding into eachother, and am looking for tips that might help before I start my next order.I use Anotinia 24's recipe.I've tried to find other posts that address this, and have seen that some people have had better success with americolor colors, but all I have is wilton (didnt know better) and dont have time to wait for them to come in the mail since no store in my area sells that brand.I was wondering if anyone has tried fondant for the...
Mother of groom called thinking of ordering a 3 tier styrofoam cake for display and serving sheet cakes from the kitchen. I have never done a cake dummy...although i have been meaning to for my portfolio. So I have no idea what I would even charge for something like that...any ideas?? Also, I'm stil not really sure what I should be charging for sheet cakes. My normal buttercream prices are $3.00 p/serving and $3.50 for fondant, so if you have any advise/opinions I...
Great! Thats really what I was thinking of doing to begin with...just wanted to see if anyone else had aready tried it and had it turn out good. Thanks!
Thanks so much! That sounds like it will be perfect!
That sounds good, would you mind sharing?
I already looked through the recipes on here but didnt really see anything that I could use. Im making a cake for an outside event in july. They want white chocolate buttercream, but my recipe is SMBC with w.choc ganache-that recipe would all melt right off. So I was wondering if I make the crusting buttercream and just added some melted white chocolate, do you think that would work...and taste good? Or have you ever tried and willing to share recipe? thanks for any...
Thanks for your imput. I think I will go with the PME, and thanks for the tip on tinting the fondant first!
I have a grad cake order and the school colors are black and gold-i don't have an airbrush, so i was looking into the metallic sprays and found one by chefmaster. My design has one layer with quite a good amount of gold coverage. If you have tried this before please let me know your thoughts on it so I dont buy it just to have to try to find something else later if its no good. Thanks so much for your time/opinions!!
I have an order for my cousins graduation party cake which is going to be in mid july-the average temp in july here is about 80*. This is going to be my first order for an outside venue in the summer. I am not sure what the best options are to ice the cake that will withstand warm temps. Any suggestions/ you go about these kind of orders would be much appreciated!! Thank you!
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