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I am so bad at pricing cakes. I need to make a wedding cake for a family member that I never talk to....5 tier, round, pretty simple with buttercream icing. Any ideas on what I should charge would be greatly appreciated. It will have flowers, but bride is providing fresh for that. Thanks!
West Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can the king arthur be purchased at grocery stores or only online? Thanks
When using MMF on cookies, do I uses a layer of BC or something 1st? Or does it stick by itself? Thanks is Advance!!!
The glaze uses too much powdered sugar to be would have to be white.
Is it possible, and safe for my make MMF in my kitchenaid stand mixer? I didnt know if it would be too thick. I am a "newbie" to fondant making. Thanks!
I think it will go great! I like the "chocolate covered strawberry" comment. Good Luck!
By meringue based are you talking about the recipes that start with meringue power and water? like the Wilton Snow white buttercream? Thanks!
Any suggestions on icing a cake smoothly? I am getting better with practice, and have used the Viva trick, but any other suggestions would be great!!! Thanks
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