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I think I know what happened.  My kitchen was really warm so when I took the cake out of the fridge and put my 'room-temp' scraper on it, it wasn't really room-temp, hence the melting.   I wrapped the entire cake in chocolate instead of scraping it all off and starting over.
I am making a surprise bday cake for a family member.  It is covered in chocolate SMBC.  I wanted to get it really smooth so I let it set up in the fridge and then scraped it with a room temperature bench scraper. The SMBC became all streaky and looks awful.   How can I mimimize the damage?  I guess I could whip up another batch of icing in the morning and put on another coat.  I wasn't planning on covering it with fondant and really don't want to.  The cake it due...
I always fill and frost directly out of the freezer with no issues.  I would not put fondant on a frozen cake though!  Maybe I'll take the torted cakes out of the freezer now so they'll be thawed (in the fridge) by the time I'm ready to assemble tonight.    Then I'll just be dealing with a very chilled cake but not a frozen one.
Hi,   I've searched the archives and have found lots of ganache threads, but not many about pouring ganache over SMBC.   I am making a chocolate cake that will be filled with dark chocolate whipped ganache and covered in dark chocolate SMBC.  I would like to pour ganache over the entire cake to cover, but I have never done this before.   Questions: 1. SMBC is firmest when refrigerated, but I understand that poured ganache and cold cakes don't marry well. ...
I'll go slowly next time for sure.  This is why I always test recipes before actually having to serve them to people.   There can be surprises!
Update: torted the cakes, my hands were stained red.  Then I took a small piece and ate it and my tongue is stained red.  Dh had some and his tongue is stained too.  The rest went in the trash!  Time to rebake with the correct amount of color (perhaps just a tbsp altogether for a double batch).   Super red is REALLY strong!  wow!
That should read 4, 6, and 8! Not sure how I ended up with an emoticon in my previous post!
My youngest is 4 (I have three boys aged 4, 6, and . I will let them all taste it and take it from there. I have cupcakes and SMBC in the freezer as a backup! I wonder if the color will alter the taste and texture of the cake.
Thanks so much for looking into this for me!!  I guess I didn't read that far down!  I should have gone with my gut - I felt like it was A LOT of color going in.   Now I'm not sure I want to serve it to my kids.  Ack.  Thankfully, it was a test run so no big deal.
omg then I used WAY too much!    Thanks for the reply - I will try the recipe with the appropriate amount of gel color next time! 
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