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Thanks everyone. I noticed that the ziploc they gave me was the one that the package of edible image paper came in so I probably got the last sheet and maybe it was old.I'll try keeping it super sealed next time and see what happens.
Hi,I'm making a cake next Friday that will require a small edible image, and then another cake 2 weeks later that will require a few small edible images. I would be able to fit all of these images onto one sheet.The local grocery store will print a sheet for $15. Here is my question:Would I be able to print up the sheet and cut out the edible image that I need for next Friday and then put it back in the ziploc for another 2 weeks until I need the remaining images or am I...
Thanks for all your posts. I knew I was not alone!
Hi all,I'm so excited that someone actually put my latest cake in their favorites folder.This probably isn't a big deal to most of you talented folk, but I'm excited!!
Thanks Debbie! I will post pics when it's done.
I just was on a site that suggested that just moistening the gumpaste and then attaching the image would work. Wouldn't the gum paste become slightly sticky making the image stick or would it melt the paper?
Hi,sorry for posting so much today but I forgot to ask how to attach the edible image to gumpaste. Is the image sticky at all when removed from the backing? If not, how do I attach it?
Hi,I'm making a hockey rink cake for my nephew complete with boards made out of gumpaste. The gumpaste boards will be decorated with edible images. I have to drop the cake off at my sister's house tomorrow before noon (the party is in the evening).I'm concerned that if I apply the edible images to the gumpaste boards, assemble the cake & drop it off, the edible images will melt in their fridge over the course of the afternoon before the party. The cake will be covered...
Hi,I'm great with circular cakes and with square cakes, but rectangles seem to be my weakness!I'm torting a large rectangular cake tomorrow and the last time I attempted this it was a disaster. I have the Wilton cake saw but even with that, the last time I tried it, I ended up with an unevenly torted cake.Any tips, suggestions would be most welcome!
Hi,I'm planning on placing a series of small edible images on a cake. I have a few questions:1. Can I ask the printer (I'm having it printed at a cake shop since I don't have a printer) to print up an 8.5" X 11" page that contains multiple small images?2. What is the best way to cut the images out? Exacto knife? Scissors? Any words of caution? I've never done this before.3. I'm planning on icing the cake in buttercream with one of the small images centered in the...
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