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I would definitely include "frankly my dear..." but not the rest if the sentence. The green dress was also important - maybe put a similar looking band around the bottom of the tiers (like a ribbon - sorry if I'm not explaining this clearly).
Hi everyone,just wanted to say a giant thank you to all who answered my many questions regarding the wine bottle cake I thought was going to be a disaster and wasn't ever going to be completed. I'm happy to report that I finished it, I'm happy with it (even though my fondant box warped a little inthe fridge overnight), and I'm not sure I'll ever volunteer to do a carved cake again!!! My hat is off and I have total respect for you cakers who do this often - it is the most...
Oh man. Now I'm stressed a little. If I cut a board that is already covered in fanci foil and leave the edges raw, is that okay? It's a teeny tiny board.
I have no fanci foil and need to cut one of my boards to support the wine bottle tier on my wine-bottle cake. Can I wrap it in regular aluminum foil or is there something better?The only place to get boards is 3 towns over and I'll be working on this cake all day as it is and won't have time.Thanks.
Hi,I'm still working on that wine bottle cake and dh helped me roll out the pieces for the wine box, which are made of fondant. I was turning a piece over today (so that it could continue drying) and it started to crack. I put it down immediately and the crack was barely perceptible. I then used food coloring and clear vanilla to paint on some woodgrain detail. The teeny crack is not visible now but i'm afraid that the next time I touch it, it may crack even more. Is...
I use either gumpaste or fondant mixed with Tylose powder. I have learned that fondant on its own when mixed with color can become too soft (I made an Elmo once that completely sunk over when I left it to dry because it was too soft.I put the pieces of the figurines together immediately and allow 48 hrs to dry.HTH!
OMG that's so cute!! But I understand your embarrassment at the appearance of bragging.
Hi,I'm the family cake-baker, but my 5 yr old nominated my husband to make my birthday cake ("you can't see your own cake, Mommy, it has to be a surprise - daddy will make it!") So, DH has risen to the challenge and has been doing a lot of 'research' on CC (he knows this is my go-to site for cakes). I find it really cute! He has a design in mind but says that he has not asked any questions yet. My birthday is in May, but he is taking this very seriously.Plus, he said...
Thanks! I tried the vodka and corn syrup concoction and it is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it!!
Thanks so much for your post! I absolutely love your quote, by the way- so true!
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