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I find the taste of royal icing cloyingly sweet.  I used to make my RI with meringue powder and it tasted good, but now that I cannot get that meringue powder anymore (without ridiculous shipping costs), I'm stuck making it with fresh egg whites.  Here is the recipe i use:   Redpath royal icing:   1 kg bag of Redpath Icing Sugar 4 large egg whites 1 tsp (5 mL) cream of tartar   I added a tsp of lemon extract to it to give it a hint of flavor and it was...
Omg - I guess I really have missed the flavoring mark. I have pulled out my vanilla bean paste and am not afraid to use it!
BakingIrene: I love the raspberry lime combo idea!  I'm going to Google lime curd to find a recipe!
Lol Anna - I would love to send you a slice - although it may be stale by the time it reaches you (I'm in Canada).
So I'm trying out something new this week.  I am making lemon cake with two fillings, one is a raspberry compote type filling and the other is a lemon cream filling.  I then plan to cover the cake in raspberry SMBC.   I've mentioned it to a few people and I'm not getting a great reaction.  Lots of 'not for everyone' type comments.   Is there something wrong with my idea?  Is it really OTT?  Should I perhaps just do the lemon cream filling and forego the raspberry...
Thank you!  I will test it out today.   OT: AnnieCahill - is that a Boston terrier in your avatar photo?  So adorable!  :)
I only use 3" pans and my finished cakes are 4" - 5" tall.  I usually bake filling up the pan halfway or a little more, and then torte off any dome or crust.
Thanks, K8Memphis!    It's funny how everyone I know hates the way fondant tastes but they all want sculpted fondant cakes.  I would love to find a fondant that people actually like the taste of.
Great!  How much zest should I add?
Hi,   I want to make a scratch lemon cake with a raspberry chambord smbc this week for Valentine's day.  I always refrigerate my cakes so I need a recipe that stands up to refrigeration and I have found that butter and refrigeration do not mix.  Every time I make a cake that calls for butter, I end up with a beautiful cake out of the oven, but then the texture changes when it is refrigerated and it is never quite the same afterwards.   My chocolate, vanilla, and...
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